is it just me or is it like this for everyone?

omg I’m so happy alone like seriously fuck romance that’s just bull shit 

…..someone comes along like….

omg you’re awesome lets be awesome and cute 

……..then….bam...theyre gone………

& you’re just like okay i can go back to normal now 

any day now….


In reply to a post about rape that I read from “teleur”

So I came across a post about “rape” and felt since she doesn’t allow replies on it that’d I’d just reply by making my own post, cause there is no way her ask box could give what I need to say justice.

This post basically starts with her agreeing to some other fucking post that if a girl has consensual sex with a guy and regrets it, that is not rape. 

I mean, I feel that. Moving on….this is where I began to realize this girl has no idea what she’s talking about. 

. In my mind, for rape to be rape, you have to have said ‘no’ and they still continued anyways. That is rape. I have a complete difficult time seeing a drunken hook up as rape. Yes, you were incoherent and yes, he took advantage of that, but if you didn’t say no, I don’t understand how it can be rape. A man doesn’t see it that way, if you’re coming on to him, even if you’re drunk, he thinks you want it. So how in his mind is it not consensual? 

First off, a drunk girl can flirt with or “come on to” a man if she wants without intentions of fucking him nor is she required to fuck him as a result. If in your mind “for rape to be rape” a woman has to vocalize the word “no” then why wouldn’t she need to vocalize the word “yes” in order for it to be consensual? Oh and just because a guy may “think” you want it, doesn’t mean you do. 

Alright, this next paragraph is actually the full paragraph from her post…not one part could I agree with except the first sentence. 

On another note, there are men who are being put into jail for drunken hook ups? That’s ridiculous. If in his mind he wasn’t raping you, then he wasn’t. If his intention is to receive sex from you against your will or coherent mind, THEN IT IS RAPE. Also comes in to play are statutory rape laws, which is completely ridiculous. The law needs to stop being so protective over women and teenage girls. If we consent to sex, it is not rape and it should not be seen as such. If we DECIDE to get wasted and have sex with someone and we do NOT say no, then it is not rape and should not be seen as such. The law is seeing us as victims and that’s why we’re being treated as such. I’m nothing close to a feminist, but I know that if you act like a victim you will be treated like one. If think that you were raped and you were drunk and remember it perfectly and remember consenting, then it was not rape. There is a difference between rape and regret. Society has taught us to be cautious about rape, rather than being responsible about ourselves. If you want to avoid getting raped at a party, DO NOT GET SHIT FACED TO THE POINT THAT YOU CANNOT KNOWINGLY CONSENT TO SEX.

Lets start with this:    If in his mind he wasn’t raping you, then he wasn’t.

……… you know that a majority of rapist always claim that the victim was asking for it or wanting it? Or how about the fact that a majority of alpha male dicks who don’t respect women feel as though they are obligated to sex? 

Now, the statutory rape thing, I really like how you mention that statutory rape laws are too overprotective of women while ignoring the fact that statutory rape applies to any one of any sex engaging in sex with someone who’s unable to actually consent due to the developmental processes that occur at different stages of life during adolescence. For instance: a 16 year old boy screwing a 13 year old, or a 16 year old girl screwing a 13 year old boy (yes, boys can be victims to!)  or a 16 year old fucking a 13 year old of the same sex. This is indeed rape, for a 13 year old is not able to use the same amount of cognitive thinking skills as the 16 year old is. Now apply this same explanation to say an adult thats 19 and a minor who’s 16, it still applies. I really dont think you even knew what point you were trying make other than attempting to turn it into a women vs society’s over protective standards when in fact it is not limited to women in any way. 

I’m emphasizing my next point because seriously? 


I figured since you decided to use caps lock to victim blame then I would also while I point out the fucking inconsistency of your “logic”. Yes, people shouldnt get too fucked up that they cannot control what is happening, but guess what, it happens & GETTING FUCKED UP IS NOT CONSENT FOR SEX. 

The next paragraph after this is basically her inconsistent points about this is rape and that is not and how it’s all womens fault and the poor men are in jail. 

My conclusion here is that someone who obviously knows nothing about deductive reasoning, feminism, or the psychological factors of rapist and their victims or that of the developing stages of cognitive thinking should probably not create a post attacking victims of rape.  

I did not mean to offend the girl who wrote the post, but I probably did, but this needed to be said. 

I really tried to refrain from going on a Kepner rant…



Ungrateful little bitch….

I’ve noticed it’s a tumblr trend…

To put a list on your description of any mental disorders you have or have self diagnosed yourself to have. 

Like, the fuck?

"Like hey I’m 15 and suffer from depression"

I even saw one that said “I’ve tried purging once & suicide twice”

^ like, why is that relevant? Is your entire blog based around those 2 times you tried to kill yourself & the one time you pushed your fingers down your throat? Probably not. 

I mean, damn. 

I get writing a post about the subject, but in your description?  

Come on now. 


I am categorized as a “tree huggin fuzzy inside hippie person” according to my philosophy teacher, because i don’t necessarily believe in capital punishment. 

I’m sure I’m also a feminist slut because I’m pro choice. 

I disagree with almost everything the majority of that class believes. 

Yet, I’m the only one who can provide logic and a non hypocritical stand point. 

How can someone honestly say it’s okay to murder a full grown human, but it’s wrong to abort a fertilized egg?

How can you sit there and say that God believes all life should be treated equal…then say it’s okay to torture “terrorist” in prison?

I dont even know why i go to that class anymore….

Owen “Cunt”

So I have been the biggest supporter of Owen & Christina

Like seriously they were perfect


Like OMG I want what they have perfect

But then, the mother fucker: 

  1. choked the bitch (Which I got over because he had PTSD & Christina helped him which brought them closer) 
  2. Brings Teddy into the equation and has some internal conflict shit over that bitch. (But ultimately he chose Christina so all was well)
  3. held her hand, yes HELD HER HAND while she aborted their child then spent every episode following treating her like some kind of evil bitch (Which I also got over because it’s understandable that he wanted his baby and I was hoping they’d talk about it and come closer and shit)
  4. Makes Christina operate on Teddy’s husband WITHOUT TELLING HER so when he died Teddy put her through hell (Which, I guess he had good intentions so I didn’t even hate him them)



Seriously, I hope they send his psycho ass back to Iraq…. Or like another gunman comes into the hospital and shoots him but this time Meredith & Christina are like “whatever” 

I haven’t had a chance to bitch about this yet…

this beautiful fucking piece of man was killed off Desperate Housewives…

Marc Cherry….What the fuck is wrong with you? 

I seriously think you’re just fucking up all the ladies lives so they all end up fucking killing themselves… 

This dude was the only decent husband on the show anymore. PLUS the hottest? 

I mean, WHY? JUST WHY? 

I’m gad this is the last season because I’d be SO pissed if they tried to get Susan to get with anyone else…

Oh and this better lead to something because now if the housewives do go to fucking prison, MJ won’t have a parent AT ALL. Julie’s fucking unwanted pregnancy having ass will end up putting him up for adoption or some shit. 

Conclusion: this scene 

fucked my day up. 

I am not prepared for the next episode. 



Hearing Katherine Heigl wants to come back to Greys

excites the FUCK out of me. like seriously, Karev needs that bitch, the past few seasons he’s just been getting the shit end of most of the story line. 

Plus, they were fucking perfect.  

look at this shit, 


Almost every fucking scene with these two left me like this 

I mean, Meredith has Mcdreamy & the baby back. 

Christina has Owen & he’s not all fucking crazy anymore. 

Bailey’s moving in with her man. 

Webber’s wife has Alzheimer’s so it’s not like he’s going to leave that bitch. 

Callie & Arizona are together happily & raising their & Steamy’s baby (which don’t front we all know little Grey & him are going to end up together)

Conclusion, Shonda Rhimes needs to quit letting Karev be all fucking melancholy & bring Izzie Stevens back so they can be fucking perfect & make me cry. 


Reasons Why I Hate Gadsden
  1. ANY girl who’s had sex out of a relationship = SLUT
  2. ANY guy who waits for a girl who’s too fucked up or completely unconscious to have sex, or force sex onto her, rather = BRO
  3. You used to do drugs? = You STILL do drugs
  4. Dress differently? = Attention whore
  5. Starting a new relationship? = Guess who I saw your girlfriend with, man

Now I know almost EVERY town is like this & not everyone here thinks exactly to this stature, but a majority of people around my age do. sad story.